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Existing Conditions

The Tonto NF is currently reviewing and analyzing existing condition data as part of an Assessment of ecological, social, and economic conditions on the Forest. The process will be on-going through Fall 2016. The maps below represent the compilation of that collection effort to-date (Spring 2016).

Mineral Districts with Active and Inactive Mines
Inventoried Roadless Areas

Disclaimer: The product is reproduced from geospatial information prepared by the Tonto National Forest. Geospatial information and GIS product accuracy may vary. The data represented in these maps are currently DRAFT and is not suitable for analysis at this time. Using GIS products for purposes other than those for which they were created may yield inaccurate or misleading results. The Tonto National Forest reserves the right to correct, update, modify or please GIS products without notification. For more information regarding Forest Plan Revision or the Assessment Report please call 602-225-5200 or email