Species of Conservation Concern (SCC)

Under the 2012 Planning Rule, the Tonto National Forest is required to compile a list of Species of Conservation Concern. This list consists of native plants and animals whose long-term future on the forest is considered at risk but are not currently protected under the Endangered Species Act.

Once these species are identified using the best available scientific information, the forest will strive to provide the ecological conditions necessary to ensure they have a secure home long into the future. To do this, the Forest Service will develop plan direction that describes and helps maintain the healthy, functioning habitats these species will need.

Some species may be at risk due to factors other than poor habitat condition, such as competition from invasive species or conflicts with other forest uses like recreation, grazing, or mining. For these species with special challenges, the Forest Service will include extra, species-specific guidance to address additional threats.

Photo: Blumer's Dock (Rumex orthoneurus), Mark Taylor, U.S. Forest Service

Get Involved

The Tonto National Forest is an extremely diverse place, with many species that have conservation needs. We need your help to identify those species in need of special consideration during planning. Please see our current List of Potential Species of Conservation Concern (SCC) and send your comments to tontonplan@fs.fed.us. Throughout plan revision we will continue to refine and make adjustments to this working list as we obtain the best available scientific information.