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Sustainable Recreation

The Tonto National Forest is proposing to modify its existing recreation fee structure to continue to maintain and operate its developed recreation sites. The goal of both outreach efforts was to engage visitors and stakeholders to understand what they want in a Developed Recreation Program.

Travel Management

The Tonto National Forest is nearing completion of its analysis of motorize use on the Forest in compliance with the Final Travel Management Rule. Once a decision is signed and a system is designated, a free motor vehicle use map will be made available to the public to inform them where motor vehicle use is permitted on the Tonto National Forest.

Four Forest Restoration Initiative

The overall goals of the Four Forest Restoration Initiative (4FRI) is to restore the structure, pattern, composition, and health of the fire-adapted ponderosa pine ecosystems; reduce fuels and the risk of unnaturally severe wildfires; and provide for wildlife and plant diversity

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